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Regex Verbs

This section documents all verbs at the top-level of the systems.extension.regex table in the popular DocServer format. Read it if you need to know what a particular verb does and how its behaviour can be influenced through its parameters.

MatchInfo Table

This section describes the layout of the matchInfo table. You probably need to know about this table if you want to work with the regex.easyMatch, regex.easySearch, regex.match or verb. If you are using the regex.subst or regex.visit verb in connection with a callback script, you will also need to know about the matchInfo table.


This section lists all metacharacters (or regex operators) supported by the Regex extension, giving precise definitions and a few examples. It's intended as a reference for scripters who are already somewhat familiar with the concept of regular expressions.

What's missing?

If you have never heard about regular expressions before, it will take some sweat to learn how to use the Regex extension given the current state of our documentation. However, we plan to eventually release a tutorial that will cover all the regular expression basics to make the Regex extension more accessible to all Frontier scripters.

Suggested Reading

Jeffrey E.F. Friedl is the author of the highly recommended and surprisingly readable book Mastering Regular Expressions (the "Hip Owls Book") available from O'Reilly. Read what others have to say about it.

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